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About Fixations Art
by Wendy Sollod

Each mask, sculpture or item of jewelry is created from original cane-worked polymer clay patterns. The background of each "face" or body is painstakingly constructed by piecing together small square "tiles," or cross-sections, of each clay pattern onto a polymer clay slab; the resulting repetition of design creates the illusion of texture on a smooth surface. Embellishments are then added after the piece has fused. Incorporated into every piece are: raffia, found objects, rusted metal, shells, wire, dried floral, beads, buttons, feathers, scavenged costume jewelry, ribbon or yarn. Named and signed, no two masks or sculptures are alike. Jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, created in a coordinating group of three to twelve items. I am inspired by masks the world over and faces on the street, as well as textiles, quilts and the work of Gustav Klimt.

My mask series, "About Faces," is about timelessness and fascination, with a bit of whimsy thrown in–my personal reconciliation between our common past and concealed future. My sculptural pieces, the “Messengers,” bring a message or word of inspiration. All are my scavenger-art, the end results of taking reclaimed items, what I consider “delightful debris,” and adding those to a unique polymer clay pattern to equal uncommon pieces of modern folk art.

Wendy Sollod   PO Box 1511, Estes Park CO 80517